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Written on April 9, 2014 at 4:30 am, by admin

Are you looking for a leading SEO freelancer that can rank your website on the first page of Google? Finding an affordable seo business based in Ireland is a very difficult task. Because of the recession company’s don’t have the money to pay agency’s thousands of euro every month.

If having first page rankings and the all the extra traffic, sales and growth that goes along with it sounds good to you.. then make sure to read every word of this blog post.

This guy is a Galway SEO consultant at SEO Geneis. He currently run’s an search engine optimisation Ireland company in dublin, galway and cork called GS and deliver’s top quality seo services designed to deliver real long term first page listings in Google for your website.

Afforadable seo services dublin

Are you like one of many Irish businesses you have been hammered by Google in the latest Panda and Penguin updates.

You may have suffered the frustration and setback of having your websites rankings wiped out by these changes.. Losing you free traffic source and having your web presence blitzed by Google.

No doubt.. this is a major problem!!

After all if people can’t find you… how are they supposed to buy your products and services??

Many people are stuck in this position at the moment.. and the sad fact is many of them are sinking ever more into quicksand and ruining their chances of success online by following the same old back-linking techniques

The web is awash today with poor overpriced search engine optimization companies that are providing people with links from spammy sites all over the web.

Penguin was designed to move through these sites and wipe them out.. and guess what??

Your site will disappear down the plug hole with them if it has backlinks from seo sites like these

Bottom Line

Poor quality back-linking services will do the following:

Wreck your rankings – by using automated websites for backlinks that Google seeks out and gets rid of everyday.

Get you sandboxed – by having too many sites linking to the same backlink, sending alarm bells ringing in Google’s head quarters.

Have you blacklisted – by creating backlinks in massive volumes.. getting your site banned from the search results.

Here’s the Point

You need the best seo dublin company in Ireland who understands how Google’s algorithm works, protect you from future updates and  can deliver superior backlinks that drive your site up the search engines to the first page.